Are Popsicle Sticks Safe for Rabbits?

You can do so much with just a simple popsicle stick. You can eat a popsicle (shocker), make fun crafts, or turn it into a cool bookmark! Rabbits, however, would use them for a completely different purpose.

Popsicle sticks are safe for rabbits. Rabbits use these sticks mainly for chewing. Before you give them to your rabbit, however, you must make sure that the popsicle sticks are treated properly. Have any toxicity from glue removed from them, and check for good durability. 

Where to Get Popsicle Sticks

You can get popsicle sticks at pretty much any place you can think of. From the Dollar Store to Target, they will be there! They’re super affordable too, so it will be easy to get as many popsicle sticks as you want for your rabbit. Ensuring that you purchase the correct popsicle stick is essential, as it could adversely affect your rabbit’s health.

The Right Popsicle Sticks to Get

For the popsicle sticks, you want to get ones that are food-safe and very durable. You want food-safe popsicle sticks because you do not want your rabbit to ingest something that it is not supposed to. This also applies to the sticks being durable. Since the sticks will be getting chewed on, it’s important to pay attention to see if they splinter. Splintering can be dangerous for your rabbit, which makes being attentive essential when giving your rabbit popsicle sticks.

Toy Ideas

Since your rabbit will be chewing on the popsicle sticks, they should have fun with them! Here are a couple of ideas.

Popsicle Wood Chime:

This toy will be shaped in a spiral wind chime pattern. This will require you to cut the popsicle sticks evenly and cleanly. This will be the most tedious part of the project but will come out amazing in the end.

After you have cut the pieces, glue them together with non-toxic glue. Double-check to see if the glue is actually non-toxic and make sure to use as little as possible on the sticks. You do not want to make messes on the wood chime so that the rabbits come into contact with the glue as little as possible.

Finally, you need a hook and loop to make sure the wood chime will be hanging above the ground. You don’t want it to be too high or low for your rabbit. So, pick the best spot for it, hang it up, and watch your rabbit have a blast with its new toy.

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Wooden Tree:

This toy is rather simple to make. All you need are three popsicle sticks, non-toxic glue, and a tiny, yet stable, piece of cardboard. You will glue the three popsicle sticks together to make a triangle. Once these are firmly held together by the glue, then apply glue to your piece of cardboard and attach it to the base of the triangle at a 45-degree angle. Once everything is dry, it should be ready to go.

All up to You:

Let your mind run wild! You know your rabbit and its likes and dislikes. See what you are capable of making and go for it.


Even though popsicle sticks can be super cool and fun for your rabbit to have, there will be some concerns that come along with popsicle sticks.


Splintering is the biggest concern that will be brought up for your rabbit. They will be chewing on the popsicle sticks often, so inevitably they will splinter. Some ways to help your rabbit from getting hurt from the splinters would be to file down and smooth out the wood. Though possibly a bit time-consuming, it will be worth your time as it will greatly reduce the risk of your rabbit getting a splinter, which is much more of a hassle.

Glue Toxicity:

Since the popsicle sticks are held together by glue, it is so essential that you check and double-check to make sure that the glue is non-toxic. Be very particular about what you do and don’t get for your rabbit.

Do’s and Do Not’s

With rabbits being very particular and sensitive animals, you need to be very aware of the do’s and do not’s with what you can do with your rabbit.

Do Make It Interesting!

Rabbits want to have their playtime be fun and interesting. So when making your popsicle stick play toys, make it fun! Help your rabbit have a blast with its playtime and think outside the box.

Do Supervise!

Looking after and making sure your rabbit(s) are supervised while chewing on the popsicle sticks is essential. With the risk of the stick splintering, it lowers the risk of your rabbit being seriously hurt.

Do Make Lots of Them!

The more toys your rabbit has, the happier it will be. With rabbits being so energetic and playful, they need a lot of toys. So, go to work and make all the toys you can for your rabbit.

Do Not Use the Wrong Materials!

Using the wrong materials and not double-checking them will cause problems to happen to your rabbit’s health. So, check and double-check to make sure you have the right materials.

Do Not Be Boring!

If the toy is boring, the rabbit will not want to play with it. They are very particular about what they like and do not like. Purchase or make stuff that you know your rabbit will like. You and your rabbit will be happier that way.

Do Not Leave Them Alone!

Without supervision, they will potentially cause damage to themselves through ingesting the splinters. No rabbit owner wants to take their pet to the vet or freak out because the pet swallowed a piece of wood. Keep an eye on them to make sure they are safe.


Popsicle sticks are not the top suggestion to get as a chew toy for your rabbit, but they sure are a fun one. They pose some dangers, but if you are cautious and make them something that they would like, you are golden. Be creative, careful, and fun with it. If you do, your rabbit will have a blast.

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