11 Awesome Toys for Your Pet Rabbit—The BEST of the Best

Rabbit with toys in the background.

We all want our pet bunnies to live their best lives and one of the things you can do is to keep them happy and healthy with the best toys possible! Toys for your bunny are such an important aspect of your bunny’s well-being because they provide an outlet for your bunny to act out its natural bunny behaviors as well as to simply be entertained.

Rabbit toys are designed to encourage their natural abilities to chew and wear down their teeth, allow them to dig and shred, as well as to burrow and hide. There are also toys designed for mental stimulation, to keep them curious, and to teach them how to problem-solve. 

Don’t know where to start? Here are the best 11 toys you can purchase right now, to enrich your bunny’s life.

11. Niteangel Wooden Cage Bridge

Whether you have a cage for your bunny or just looking for something fun to add to their play area, the Wooden Cage Bridge is a rabbit-safe climbing accessory. It can be used for utility purposes as well as exercise.

The adjustable Wooden Cage Bridge is made out of dried, untreated pine with rungs to support your bunny when climbing up and down the bridge. You can use it as a ramp so your bunny can go in and out of its cage safely, or simply as a fun bridge for your bunny’s play area for climbing or hiding underneath. 

The dimensions of this bridge is 22.8 inches in length, 6.7 inches in width, and 7.7 inches in height so make sure it is compatible with your cage size.

See the current price for the Wooden Cage Bridge on Amazon here.

10. Kaytee Apple Orchard Sticks

Since chewing is an all-day activity for your rabbit, the Apple Orchard Sticks are always great to have on hand. Not only do they provide your bunny hours of entertainment, but they also promote dental health!

The Apple Orchard Sticks are made from sustainable apple tree sources and are completely safe for chewing on. Your bunny will have a blast chewing these little sticks with their delicious flavor while helping it keep its teeth clean and trimmed. 

The sticks also come with drilled holes if you want to string them and make your bunny a fun, dangly toy!

See the current price for the Kaytee Apple Orchard Sticks on Amazon here.

9. Niteangel Treat Ball

One of the things that rabbits love to do is push and roll things around! With the Treat Ball, your bunny will get the exercise it needs by pushing the ball around plus earning a treat at the same time.

The Treat Ball is a hollow ball designed with a durable vinyl with an adjustable opening to put small treats in such as pellets or cut carrots. When your bunny pushes the ball around, the treats fall out which encourages them to learn foraging as well as play. 

Just keep in mind that with any toy, always supervise your bunny when they play with these balls.

See the current price for the Niteangel Treat Ball on Amazon here.

8. Oxbow Timothy Club Timothy Twists

Another chew toy that your bunny will love is the Timothy Club Timothy Twists. Hay is a rabbit’s best friend and these hay twists not only provide entertainment but also provide nutritional value and help to promote teeth health.

The benefits of Timothy hay are that it provides your bunny the fiber it needs but also helps keep your bunny’s teeth clean and worn down. These Timothy Twists are made with 100% Timothy hay, without chemicals or wires, just hand-softened and hand-woven into little twists for your bunny to enjoy eating and playing with.

Just remember, rabbits love hay so you may find yourself needing to keep a stock of these Timothy Twists on hand.

See the current price for the Timothy Twists on Amazon here.

7. BinkyBunny Mini Haven Rabbit House

Playtime can be taken to another level of fun with something like the Mini Haven Rabbit House. If you haven’t heard of it before, the Mini Haven is a playhouse that works like an obstacle maze but also a place to hide and rest. 

This playhouse is made of high-quality cardboard without any need for glue or staples. You can customize the two modules to be a long, single-story obstacle maze with different holes or cubbies to explore. You can also stack the modules to create a two-story playhouse where your bunnies can climb up and down! For safety reasons, do not stack the modules to become more than two stories high, to avoid your bunny falling off and hurting itself.

This durable cardboard playhouse can last up to a year or two, depending on how much chewing your rabbit does on it.

See the current price for the Mini Haven Rabbit House on Amazon here.

5. Oxbow Timothy Hay Mat

For more foraging and chewing fun, the Timothy Hay Mat is an all-around toy you can add to your bunny’s play space or even for its sleeping area. Again, rabbits love hay so these hay mats will make them feel like they are in their natural habitat.

The Timothy Hay Mat is made with 100% natural timothy hay and is completely edible. The hand-woven pattern is great for hiding small treats in between for your bunny to forage and dig through. You might find that your bunny loves chewing on it and shredding it up, or just using it to sleep on.

See the current price for the Timothy Hay Mat on Amazon here.

6. Living World Teach N’ Treat Toy

Your pet bunny may not be living in the wild, but you still want to encourage it to develop its natural abilities. The Teach N’ Treat is a great way to teach your bunny how to forage and search for treats.

This toy is constructed of a very durable, sturdy plastic with smooth edges and comes with parts that are not too small, to avoid choking hazards. It comes with discs and suction cups where you hide food and treats under so your bun can learn how to pick them up or yank them off to retrieve their reward. 

The Teach’ N Treat also comes with three levels of configurations to keep your bunny challenged!

See the current price for the Teach N’ Treat Toy on Amazon here.

4. Oxbow Timothy Hay Bungalow

Hiding is a natural instinct that your bunny has and the Timothy Hay Bungalow is the perfect hiding place and chew toy for your bunny. 

The Timothy Hay Bungalow is a handwoven hideaway made with all-natural timothy hay. It creates an all-natural setting and is completely edible for your bunny. Another interactive and exercise promoting toy, your bunny can run and hide in it, climb on it, chew it up, and then take a nap inside.

This all-natural hay hideout is a great addition to add to your bunny’s place space. if you want to add even more fun and excitement for your bun, just stuff this Bungalow with more hay and hide treats inside!

See the current price for the Hay Bungalow on Amazon here.

3. Oxbow Enriched Life Play Wall

If you have a bunny that’s easily bored, the Play Wall may be a great addition to their play space. It was designed with different textures and shapes to keep your bunny interested and promote interaction.

The Play Wall is made with bunny-safe and natural materials that are untreated such as rattan, seagrass, pine, and raffia paper. The different types of materials will encourage them to use all their senses so that they can play with the balls, dig through the brushes, and even chew on the pieces. 

Since it will get chewed on, you’ll probably need to replace the Play Wall from time to time. But it seems to last most rabbits up to 3-4 months.

See the current price for the Play Wall on Amazon here.

2. Niteangel Tubes & Tunnels

If you’re looking for something different for your rabbit, the Tubes & Tunnels toy is another great hideout option for exercising or sleeping. It’s also easy to clean and store.

The Tubes & Tunnels is made out of canvas and cotton which makes it soft and cozy for your rabbit, but also easy for you to wash by hand. The tunnel expands if you want it to stretch longer for your bunny and it folds down when you need to store it away. 

This tunnel also has a really fun and colorful design featuring cute carrots and bunnies. It also has a fuzzy trim on the edge and on the inside.

See the current price for the Niteangel Tubes & Tunnels on Amazon here.

1. The First Years First Keys

And last but not least, an unlikely toy that your bunny is going to love are these baby keys! These colorful, dangly toys will satisfy your bunny’s senses in ways you would not have imagined.

The First Keys are designed with keys of different shapes and textures and they make a loud clacking sound, all of which will excite your bunny’s ears and sense of touch. They are made with a hard, BPA-free recycled plastic, making them safe for bunnies to carry around with their mouths. 

Not only are they highly rated for babies, but they are also highly rated for bunnies by many owners. If you spend time on rabbit forums looking for rabbit toy recommendations, you’ll almost always come across these as a recommendation. They’re very popular with rabbit owners.

See the current price for the First Years Keys on Amazon here.

What Toys Should Rabbits Avoid?

If you’re looking to explore more toy options, it gets pretty overwhelming considering all the possible options that are out there, especially when purchasing over the internet. You want to make sure you don’t buy anything that can potentially harm your pet bunny. 

Avoid any toys that are…

  • Made with wood that is treated with paint, varnish, or any unnatural substance.
  • Made of softwoods, such as cedar or pine, which are known to be poisonous (source). Pine is safe for rabbits when it is kiln dried. 
  • Designed with sharp edges.
  • Designed with loose or dangling strings.
  • Held together with toxic glues or staples.
  • Comes with tiny pieces that can potentially be a choking hazard.
  • Anything with toxic dyes, scents or harmful plastics.
  • Made of soft fabrics that can potentially get caught in their teeth and cause a choking hazard.
  • Chew toys mixed with seeds. Seeds could cause digestion problems in rabbits (source).

When researching what rabbit toys are made of, make sure you gather information and read reviews not just from the platform you are purchasing from, but also from the company’s website, forums, Facebook groups, and any other platforms they may be on. Consider using some of the online rabbit forums and groups where people share their experiences with certain products and companies.

A bored rabbit hanging his head on the cage.
Rabbits can get bored too. Keep your stimulated and healthy with a good number of rabbit toys.

DIY Rabbit Toys

Besides simply buying rabbit toys, there are also a couple of simple ways you can make your own. Here are a few fun toys you can make for your bunny with supplies you may already have at home:

  • Toilet paper or paper towel rolls frayed on the ends and stuffed with hay and pellets.
  • A small cardboard box filled with hay, shredded paper and their favorite treats to encourage digging and foraging.
  • Tunnel made out of a rolled up poster board, stapled to hold it together, then taped up to cover the staples. Make sure the tunnel is large enough for your bunny!
  • Crumpled paper bag balls.
  • A large cardboard box with holes on different sides for a hideaway or a nap.

In case you were wondering if newspaper was safe to keep in a rabbit’s cage, take a look at an article I wrote after speaking to a veterinarian about just that issue. It may be, and it may not be, depending on a few variables! My article all about newspapers in rabbit’s cages has all the details of my vet’s surprising answer.


When it comes to taking care of your pet rabbit, toys are a sure way to enrich your bunny’s well-being. Not only will they be entertained, but toys keep their minds curious and developing, it encourages them to stay active and healthy, and it allows them to perform their natural rabbit behaviors. Every rabbit has its own personality, so make sure you try out different toys to find out what your bunny will love!

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