About Laura Pierce of RabbitInformer.com

Picture of Laura Pierce with rabbit cages in background.

My name is Laura Pierce and I’m the proud owner of RabbitInformer.com! I first fell in love with rabbits when I was 8 years old when my parents surprised the kids in our family with a pet rabbit for Easter. My parents told me the pet shop they got the rabbit from said he was a Mini-Lop. Naturally, I named him “Bugs” and we were best buddies for a long time.

Little did I know that my love for Bugs would grow into an undying passion for all rabbits and a weird obsession with researching, writing, and learning as much as possible about them. I have now become dedicated to helping families everywhere experience the same joy, love, and sense of accomplishment that I have felt raising pet rabbits.

“Bugs” Grew Larger, Along with My Love for Rabbits

Laura with another one of her beloved pet rabbits.

The surprising thing about Bugs is that he seemed to just keep growing larger and larger as time went on. He quickly grew to a size that was much larger than a Mini-Lop should get. Although we were no longer really certain that he was actually a Mini-Lop, I became obsessed with Bugs anyway and I was proud to be the “go-to” person in the family for everything related to his care.

Eventually, he outgrew his cage and I convinced my parents to dedicate one of the extra rooms in our house just to Bugs. My parents were surprised that Bugs preferred to go into his crate to relieve himself (yes, he was potty trained). So we eventually set up the room just for him where his crate was left open and he had free roam of the room. I was so excited that I had my own room completely dedicated to my rabbit hobby that I just emersed myself in learning as much as I could.

Everything was going great having Bug’s in his own room until he started chewing on electrical and phone cords! It was then that he was moved into our spare dog kennel in the backyard. At that time he was so large, that to us at the time, it really didn’t seem unreasonable to have him out there. While he was in the chain-link kennel in the backyard, he became friends with my family’s Labrador retriever through the fencing.

Finally, on the recommendation of my father, Bugs was let out of the dog kennel and went on to have free roam of the entire backyard. Bugs would come to the sliding glass door when he wanted to come into the house and he would often cuddle up in my lap while I watched television in the evenings. On cold nights, he’d go into his plush den we made for him in the backyard, and on warm sunny days, he could be found playing chase in the backyard with our Labrador retriever, Jay.

I remember hearing Bugs loudly “thump” his back feet while running around the grass in the backyard playing chase with my dog. He was an impressive rabbit, an absolute joy to own, and he kicked off a lifelong passion of mine for owning rabbits.

Laura Pierce tending to one of her rabbit's cages.

My First Rabbit Passed On, but My Love for Rabbits Stayed

Sadly, after just one and a half years together, Bugs was attacked in our backyard by an unknown animal and we found him under our wooden deck with a severe wound to his shoulder. We never did find out what got him. Was it an owl? A Cat? Raccoon? Something else? He was such a large rabbit that the list of animals that could have gotten into our backyard and done this is fairly small. The mystery remains unsolved.

Although I was beyond heartbroken when he passed and I now know of a million things I should have done much different with his care, the imprint that Bugs left on my life was a permanent one. He kicked off a passion in me for helping other families raise and care for pet rabbits that has never gone away.

Along Came RabbitInformer.com

My passion for the joy and love that a single pet rabbit can bring into a family was never lost on me after that. My passion for this pet continued and one day I came across an amazing opportunity to own RabbitInformer.com. I purchased the website and began to publish the best knowledge and research I possibly could about pet rabbit ownership and care.

I actually found a strange release in spending hours of my days writing, performing original research, sharing my personal experience, and so much more with other rabbit owners. My hope is that the insight and information on my site will help others out there to experience the same joy, love, and sense of accomplishment that I experienced as an 8-year-old child with my first pet rabbit.

The Future of This Site

I plan to continue to build up this free resource to help others out there be truly successful with owning these amazing pets. I will continue to strive to perform original research, gather information from experts and veterinarians, and provide insight based on my own personal experience where I can. My hope is to build the largest collection of the most reliable, helpful, and well-researched rabbit information anywhere on the web, and share it with you completely for free.

If you need to reach out to me, you can do so through this site’s contact page. In the meantime, please let everyone know what an amazing pet these animals can make!

Please join me on this amazing journey here at RabbitInformer.com!

Thank you!

Laura Pierce